Chiptuning Box VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI 155 kW 211 PS

Chiptuning Box VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI 155 kW 211 PS

Art.-Nr.: 10109732
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  • Building year:ab 06/2011
  • Capacity:1968
  • Engine code:CCZB
  • Delivery time:dispatch in 24 hours
  • Manufacturer:Speed-Buster
  • Certification:Ja
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Performance kW 155kW 198kW + kW
PS 211PS 269PS + PS
Torque Nm 280Nm 322Nm + Nm

Technical data

This tuning box already includes a 2-channel system.

In this vehicle, the SPEED-BUSTER Chiptuning-Box is connected to two different sensors of the engine (not a pure rail pressure elevation). The SPEED-BUSTER ® Chiptuning-Box is - depending on the vehicle type - connected to various sensors of the engine. By our vehicle-specific wiring harnesses with original connector the data from the sensors are routed directly to the tuning box, recalculated by microprocessor in real-time and from there further to the engine control unit. By the recalculation based on vehicle-specific maps various motor parameters can be optimized - the result is optimum efficiency, more power and more torque.


Installation and removal

The installation of your Chiptuning Box is quite easy

The installation can be easily manage itself with all our products. Supplied with the detailed illustrated installation instructions is the installation also for a layman possible. Due to original connectors can it done quickly and easily by you in the shortest time. Special tools, soldering or other like this are not needed.
The electronics are already programmed and tuned on the specific vehicle type so that no further adjustment is necessary.


Just as easy as the installation, is also the removing of our products. With very little effort you put your vehicle back without residues and undetectable in the series condition.

If you don’t trust installing yourself or don’t want basically to make itself, we also offer the opportunity to install your tuning box at our company.

Performance chart

Für dieses Fahrzeug bieten wir momentan kein Leistungsdiagramm an.