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Chiptuning Box VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI 155 kW 211 PS

Chiptuning Box VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI 155 kW 211 PS

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>> legal notes <<

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Year: ab 06/2011
Engine size: 1968
Engine code: CCZB

Legal notes for installing and using of a power enhancement


  • A power enhancement of a car, through chiptuning or an extra control unit, has to be registered in the car documents.
  • This registration could be easyly done, if theres is an TÜV-technical report for that vehicle.
  • The usage of an power enhancement without an TÜV-"acceptance test" and registration cause a loss of the operationg license and insurance coverage.
  • The usage of an power enhancement could cause the loss of the seller and manufactur waranties.
  • The power enhancement of motor vehicles requires a recalculationg of the vehicle indemnity insurance. The cusstomer is obliged for his insurance coverage.
  • The customer commits to inform his customers about the legal notes when he resales the product.


  Serie Optimized Difference
Power 155 kW / 211 PS 194 kW / 264 PS + kW / + PS
Torque 280 Nm 322 Nm + Nm

10 Reasons for the SPEED-BUSTER Tuningbox

- Up to 30% more real power
- Up to 10% fuel saving
- Installed in a few minutes
- Waterproof shed housing
- Highquality automotiv-plugs
- Residue-free fitout
- Tuning will not be los aftercontrol-unit-update
- Modern multi-channel technologie
- Diesel-Particel-Filter suitable
- Unchanged reliability


The SPEED-BUSTER® Tuningbox will be installed at one or more engine-sensors.

By using car-specific looms with original plugs, the sensor data will be send directly to our tuningbox .Newest microprocessors recalibrate this data in real time and send the new data to the engine control unit.

Thanks to this recalibration with dedicated mapping several engine-parameter will be optimized for a optimal efficiency, more power and an higher torque. More information about our SPEED-BUSTER® tuningbox you will find here.

Advantage over Chiptuning

- It is more favorable,
- You can install the tuningbox on your own
- No risk about damaging the expensive engine control unit
- You can remove the kit anytime witout trace, the car will be 100% original.
- In many cases you can install the tuningbox in a new car.
- No risk of loosing the tuning, after updating the engine control unit.

Easy installation

The installation is so easy! Example Audi Common Rail (The installation effort may vary between different cars):

1. Find the sensors by using the illustrated installationguide
2. Disconnect the original plugs at the engine
3.Connect SPEED-BUSTER® plugs to the original plugs
4.Connect SPEED-BUSTER® plugs to the sensors
5. Fix the loom in the engine bay
6. Connect the tuningbox to the new loom!

Fuel saving

Thanks to the modern multi-channel-technologie ( multiple sensors ) the thermodynamic coefficient of the engine will be optimized.As result of this optimization the fuel consumption will be reduced.

Additionally the engines gets more powerfull, because of the enhanced torque, especially in the low speed range. So you can drive the car in the low range. This will also result fuel saving.

All in all the tests and experiences of our customers tells us, that you can save up to 15% fuel!

Scope of supply

- special loom with original plugs suited for the particular car
Technical component report (if available)
- Illustrated installation-guide for trouble-free installation

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